I am Flawsome. I have embraced my flaws and feel awesome, regardless. I am perfectly imperfect.

I’m a Career Coach and a Counselor. I am your Certified Life Coach with expertise and Interest in career with Certification in Human Resources from Cornell University, USA and Chartered Accountancy from ICAI, India. To make this space as one-stop-shop for all your career needs, I also recently got Green Belt Certified in Global Career Counseling. This one is Asia's first career counseling course in collaboration with University of California, Los Angeles ( UCLA) Extension.

Prior to becoming a Coach, I have been fortunate to get an opportunity to play key roles at different hierarchical levels in the corporate world. An Enterprising leader with a solid record of contributions in Leadership Development, People Management, Financial Accounting, Financial Compliance, Operations and Human Resource Management.

I have also been accredited as a Mentor in Business Alumni from Cherie Blair Foundation for Women. Such gratifying experiences!!!

My corporate experience may somewhat categorize me as a Finance Professional but then I did not find Coaching but Coaching found me. I did fall in love instantly though!

In my personal life, my children have been my greatest pride and joy. While I secretly would like to take credit for their achievements, they came into this world with incredible talents, personality and ambitions of their own. My focus as a parent and as a Coach has been to nurture the unique greatness and potential that lies inside each of us.

My personal motto? If it is to be, It is up to me.

My greatest learning so far? Most important things in life are not things at all.

I love? Long walks, never ending conversations and coffee, transforming lives.

Enough about me. Now, It is all about you.

My message for you? Just be unapologetically you. It's your time. Now is your moment. Believe in yourself. And go be great!

Over to you.


What exactly is Coaching? Let’s find out –

International Coach Federation (ICF) defines Coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

ICF states benefits of coaching as –

Professional coaching brings many wonderful benefits: fresh perspectives on personal challenges, enhanced decision-making skills, greater interpersonal effectiveness, and increased confidence. And, the list does not end there. Those who undertake coaching also can expect appreciable improvement in productivity, satisfaction with life and work, and the attainment of relevant goals.

I say – As your Coach I help you to make you see what you can be and what you can achieve. I will work with you to bring and embrace change for the better in both personal and professional aspects.

It is a process where we togetherwill identify your strengths and weaknesses, barriers to career advancement, and explore your interests and most suitable career paths.

There are thousands of career options already and new ones constantly emerging. Nobody can possibly know about every career. I can, however, provide you with resources to broaden your understanding of various careers and how to determine if a certain career would be a good fit for you.

Need more clarity or got questions? Call me for a complimentary conversation to discuss further how you can leverage coaching for the results and life you are aspiring.

What you put into the Coaching process is what you will get out of it.

Basic pre-requisite for Coaching to work is your commitment to the process. When you are done blaming other people and outside conditions, you are truly ready for change.

Here are few pointers for you to get you started to check if you are coachable –

  • You are "stuck" creatively or professionally and now ready to move your professional and/or personal life to the next level.

  • You want to define the next career step and prepare for it. You want to work on networking and positioning to create better chances.

  • You are willing to think and do things differently to see different results.

  • You feel that everything in your life hasn't quite come into alignment yet and you are determined to work for it.

Common misconceptions about Career Coaching -

  • Coaches will find you a job and solve all your issues to have a great work life.

  • It only takes a session or two to resolve all job challenges.

  • Coaching is required if you have problems. It is actually vice-versa. More people and organizations are seeking Coaching to realize true potential and maximize productivity.

Coach will tell you exactly what to do next. It is rather a focused career assistance. You are the final decision maker.

It's your time. Now is your moment.

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Coaching Programs

  • One-On-One Coaching.
  • Executive Coaching.
  • Career Management/Step Up/Change Coaching.
  • Gaining clarity and momentum Coaching conversations.

Corporate Coaching

  • One–On-One and small group Coaching programs.
  • Leadership Programs
  • Workshops – designed to meet specific requirements.

Comprehensive Career Assessment

  • Analysis of personality style, interests and strengths (likes of Psychometric Tests).
  • Interview Preparation.
  • Job search.
  • Network Strategy.

My current clientele is -

  • Talented professionalswho care to unleash their potential to achieve greater levels of success.

  • Organizations that want to make the most of their employees and leaders, to maximize performance and productivity.

  • Middle management employees preparing for career step up.

  • Individuals who feel in their bones that they have a lot to offer and now is their time to shine but do not know how to start

  • Small business owners / entrepreneurs who get lost in doing everything on their own.

  • Individuals having some vague ideas but want to have a clear road map for turning them into something successful and meaningful.

  • Individuals in search of clarity and a pair of listening ears.

  • Parents and students who wish to understand more about the career choices and way forward.

How does it exactly work? Well, you can expect following after you sign up-

  • Pre-coaching questionnaire to ensure clarity on expectations and benefits you are seeking to get out of coaching.

  • In person / Skype session to deep dive to gain clarity on goals and formulate action steps.

  • Fortnightly In person / Skype sessions to re-connect on goals and overcome any challenges.

  • Summaries of our scheduled calls sent to you via email.

  • Interim calls when doubts and things come up (On-demandCoaching).

  • Worksheets, journal prompts, and resources as required.

  • Email / Text access in between sessions to stay inspired , seek feedback or just connect.

On-demand Coaching

I also offer On-demand Coaching services, where we would not have planned or scheduled calls, but only connect when you need to. Often when a decision or learning moment arises. This is an effective and smart way to have me on stand-by, and make the most of crucial moments.

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